Wisconsin Senate budget proposal

Wisconsin Senate budget proposal

Back in Madison . the state budget stalemate is causing Republicans in the senate to roll out their own budget plan. To this point . Republicans in both houses haven’t been able to agree on how to solve a billion dollar transportation fund shortfall. The Senate proposal calls for borrowing more than 7-hundred million dollars for roads . while also including all of the budget provisions the legislature’s finance committee has already approved. Senate leaders hope their plan can point out some common ground with the Assembly. We’re basically asking for a response from the Assembly to say, ‘Where are you guys at on these items?’ and I’m confident that a very high percentage of those items that the Senate and the Assembly is already in agreement on. Governor Scott Walker responded to the proposal today . saying it’s similar to the initial budget plan he proposed . with no new gas taxes or fees. He hopes it leads to a compromise soon. One of the big things people tell me on transportation is, ‘I want my local roads fixed.’ Our budget does that, it does it without a gas tax or vehicle registration fee increase. I think we can get that at the same time the Assembly can get greatly reduced bonding, we can get a budget done. Leaders in the state assembly say they’ll have to review the senate’s plan when it comes to transportation funding . but did say they agree with most of the other parts of the proposal.

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