28 thoughts on “Woman Blames Former Daughter-In-Law For Granddaughter’s ‘Defiant’ Behaviors

  1. Marriage is too damn complicated and divorce after having kids is even worst. I’m happy to stay out of this drama based institution. Where the single ladies at 🤘🏽💋😃?

  2. The girls mom is being too permissive. The mother in law is too involved. The father is no prize either. The child suffers.

  3. None of the adults in this family deserve children. Even the grandmother. They are all too caught up in their own minds about being right about EVERYTHING! It's no wonder why this teenager is acting out. Look at her role models! 🙄

  4. I LOATHE parents whom are more interested in being besties with their kids, than they’re functional parents. I wonder what’s happened in their life, that they have to seek a bestie from their child.

  5. Are we taking about “drugs” or weed? This lady’s thought process is a product of the “reefer madness” movement.

  6. Always some old cranky, AWFUL OLD PERSON. People do not die soon enough. Seriously. Catch lung cancer. Is the quality of life REALLY that great after 70? No.


  7. This I just sad they both need to do a better job she probably doing the stuff she does cause a lack of parenting in the home

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