Women in Journalism Documentary

Women in Journalism Documentary

you've called women you don't like fat pigs dogs slobs and disgusting animals gender inequality has plagued women in television journalism for decades however as women's roles throughout society continued to advance a lack of equality fails to mature among Arabs FM and next cuneus I have a next course I have on general Mina Suriname at humor again the camellia cocoons Sofia mana CP Honka Lee construction ahead Phil hey el mes most an idea no unnecessary Allah meeya read it lovely Anakin Hodor nice a icky beer well the niccola to be an odd ordeal Adam o Adam Cain in the farm were lacking since it this will either a hospital food sear peel I know it never occurred to me that I couldn't do everything during those years because I was able to write my own material because I was able to there were barriers that I think I overcame Ruth crane began in advertising a role that is not surprising considering the news medium was acceptable for women crane began in radio and then moved to television however not surprisingly cranes role on TV featured her modeling clothes and writing and acting out skins crane later went on to found the association of women broadcasters Mary Margaret McBride began her career in print journalism but worked her way up to TV she did not make the wages that male journalists acquired but towards the end of her career she was making $80,000 with CBS McBride interviewed individuals from Dalai Lama to famous actors and actresses McBride was not necessarily recognized for her perfect body like crane whoever it was her on-air personality that garnered viewers news through a woman's eyes originated with Katharine Cravens a pioneer and extending the role that female TV journalist can serve Cravens coverage from berlin and europe set the stage for female foreign correspondents symbolizing that women are just as capable of filling a man's role a concept that is yet to become fully accepted Cravens played a vital role in starting a revolution for women's role in journalism women were not allowed to broadcast hard news thus the promotion of individuals such as Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer are considered role model Walter and Sawyer both accomplished feats as female journalists that were previously unheard of little by little people could see here is a woman doing the same thing and then are doing okay they did it very differently they were women in television and were women on television so they weren't trying to personify men or be something different they were acted like women and they were successful not in spite of that but because of that in fun hula unknown of course on the storekeeper completo donated the Thule Sri Lankan convert priests privilege ilysm plays a mission pretty soon save up of cause I'm a Silla family all the competent columns not whether or not male domination and newsroom advances beyond the television screen gender hostility became especially relevant in the political arena when female journalist megyn kelly questioned president Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at an August 2015 debate you've called women you don't like fat pigs dogs slobs and disgusting animals your Twitter account only Rosie O'Donnell it was well beyond rosie oh yes I'm sure your Twitter account has several disparaging comments about women's looks you once told a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president the question carried a wave of backlash as mr. Trump called her a bad journalist and claiming that she had blood coming out of her whatever referring to Kelly menstruating Trump swing mode Kelly out on Twitter referring to her as a lightweight and a bad journalist Trump's obsession with megyn kelly is obvious as research surrounding his feelings toward other female journalists reproved rather dismal he recently said on a segment airing on Fox News that he thought Barbara Walters was a great journalist perhaps this has to do with Kelly serving in a male-dominated role and questioning him about his objectification of women but don't worry mr. Trump I won't address the dozens of other sexist comments that you have addressed towards other women as the ordeal with megyn kelly carried on for months with heavy criticism from mr. Trump and his top aides Kelly remain poised and professional certainly I don't have a lot of respect for megyn kelly she's a lightweight and you know she came out there reading her little script and trying to you know be tough and be sharp and when you meet her you realize she's not very tough and she's not very sharp she's Zippo you said Wow megyn kelly really bombed tonight people are going wild on Twitter funny to watch then you too retweeted someone who wrote Fox viewers give low marks to bimbo at megyn kelly we'll consider other programs and then one of your top aides retweeted this mr. Trump boycotting megyn kelly at real Donald Trump we can gut her people are wondering about about this language when it comes to women do you worry that that kind of talk might drive some women voters away well I didn't see the last one but she's able to take care of herself she's somebody that you know pretty tough and I'm sure she can take care of herself but here she's just somebody I don't have a lot of respect for I don't think she's got major talent I don't think she's got very much talent though I mean she's sitting there reading question Kelly has been referred to as a feminist icon for her role she was recently featured on the cover of Vanity Fair and they referred to her as having star power in recent months articles have proposed that Kelly's role and her professionals and throughout this ordeal has projected her to becoming one of the nation's top female journalists remaining at the helm with individuals including Barbara Walters Diane Sawyer and Oprah according to an article by women in journalism they addressed the responsibility the female journalists carry and for telling feminist views they said the bunching of women and distinctive areas of journalism creates feminine and inherently less prestigious ghettos in a 2014 article titled the status of women in US media the statistics in results surrounding women and journalism reflected high levels of gender discrimination against female anchors the numbers reflect discrimination based on the type of news that women were allowed to broadcast and the lack of advancement in the newsroom assignments based on healthcare recovered by women 49 percent of the time while only 32 percent of criminal justice news and world politics were covered by female anchors consolidating a network to allow for a female anchor – anchor the nightly news would increase the station's credibility according to Lisa Cox a former vice president for a black journalist group she said any news operation that does not see or comprehend the values and importance of diversity behind the scenes is fooling itself if it thinks it can still responsibly and objectively cover the news and be an effective resource for the communities it is charged with serving the status of women in US media 2014 pointed out that at the helm of the nation's top four news desk remain only three female journalists and broadcast television certain outlets such as PBS in ABC have women as primary anchors but despite the fact that 60% of men anchored the news the role of a female remaining at the helm of the news desk is more than just symbolic according to a quote from the status of women in US media 2014 it said it is about making sure that who defines the story who tells the story and what the story is about represent men and women equally women are more than half of the population but we don't see or hear them in equal numbers to men how good you are the job it's to know how'd you cope under pressure you know you know do you have the drive to get a story right you know and can you operate under the conditions that you know broadcast journalism it sure as a saint could be pressured you tend to look at TV and there's video and everything even in our business now and they say oh she looks so old or she looks tired what is she wearing you don't say that about a man and men are allowed to grow old gracefully and women are not so maybe that's one thing that that needs to change inequality has plagued women in television journalism for decades however as women's roles throughout society continue to advance a lack of equality fails to mature women continue to be forced to broadcast soft news where they report on health wellness lifestyle and culture evening newscasts are presumptively male-dominated because of a woman's ability to broadcast hard news as megyn kelly demonstrated when female journalists pushed to the forefront and journalism heavy criticism abounds the lack of equality amongst women and journalism the objectification of the image of women and how a female's gender hinders her advancement in television journalism remains present in today's society women's advancement in television journalism continues to remain stagnant

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