World Summit | Why governments are afraid of Facebook Libra

World Summit | Why governments are afraid of Facebook Libra

My favorite one recently has been well Facebook was going to issue a cryptocurrency Heard of this one, right? So but you know The fact is it’s more stable coins, and then really just actualize cryptocurrency right the initial plans We’re all about you know put in the basket of different national currencies and tokenizing it and to be honest I don’t like it you know because if it helps people to transact and trade outside of their countries, well, it’s great it didn’t have to all use Bitcoin or Dash or Bitecash because these are stable coins and the advantage is They are stable, right? But of course, you know governments are afraid. Oh my godness! 2.5 million! They all gonna get it, it’s gonna be bigger than China and India taken together mate, so no no, we don’t want to challenge the supremacy of you know nation-states if it makes national parents and – Yeah, I’m I’m very excited about this conversation

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