WOW! Parasite Oscar Win FREAKOUT, How Logan Paul Did It, Twitter Smacks Down Nancy Pelosi, & More

– ‘Sup, you beautiful bastards? Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday. Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show. Buckle up, hit that like button, and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re
gonna talk about today is last night’s Oscar’s, or more specifically,
just one aspect of it. And that is the historic
moment we saw last night, thanks to the movie “Parasite” and its director, Bong Joon-ho. Last night, the movie “Parasite” became the first film not in the English language to win an Oscar for Best Picture, beating out other notable titles, like “1917”, “Joker,” “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood,”
and “Marriage Story.” And on top of that, earlier in the evening “Parasite” also won the
Oscar for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film. And in my opinion, just seeing
the acceptance speeches, Bong Joon-ho, how appreciative and blown away that he won these awards, the tips of his hat to other directors, how they inspired him, it’s hard not to just root for the guy. Though, I will say it is odd that not only could it be
nominated in so many categories and actually win Best Picture, but then none of the actors themselves were nominated, which was interesting. Now that said, following this award, of course there was a ton
of love for “Parasite.” Notably, you had a lot of
people happy about the spotlight this put on South Korea
and South Korean movies. You even had the South Korean
president praising the movie, the award, what this
means for South Korea. But on the other side, as always happens, you had people that were angry. People saying that
“Parasite” didn’t deserve it, it should have been this
movie or that movie. And here what I will say,
one of my favorite reactions is one that actually
went a little bit viral. It’s a video of this guy, Robert Storms, and he seems absolutely livid that “Parasite” beat out “Joker,” which I will say here,
I’ve seen both movies, that is of note for something that we’re gonna touch in a second, I also very much loved both movies, but I will say I would have
personally voted for “Parasite,” so understand there is
a little bias there, but one of my favorite things was the argument that Robert had. – Could someone please
raise your goddamn hand and tell me, for the love of Christ, how many fuckin’ people in the United States of A-mother-fuckin’-merica saw “Parasite!” Okay, I don’t know what “Parasite” is. I don’t give a shit about “Parasite.” Look at United States
of America right now. What is more important to
our culture than the Joker? About a movie that talks
about mental illness not being taken seriously? About how people in high
places look down and frown upon the poor, the poverty, and
people with mental illness? How we need to take this more serious? But no, forget all these
fuckin’ social problems that “Joker” touched upon. Let’s have a better woke agenda, and let’s go full fuckin’ woke! – All right, and so the reason those two are my favorite parts is one, I love anyone outraged about something that they haven’t watched, and two, “Parasite,”
some people would argue, actually addressed a
number of those things even more effectively than “Joker.” Addressing poverty,
injustice, desperation, the upper class looking down or just not even thinking
of or being disgusted by the lower class, and what the powder keg
of all of that going off can look like. And that’s a conversation that transcends South Korean society, American society. I think this is a thing that we’re seeing in a lot of places, and
“Parasite” delivers all of that, in my opinion, fantastically. Not a crazy opinion to have. It literally won Best Picture. That said, Robert and some others also had a secondary grievance, annoyed the Best
International Feature Film was also eligible for Best Picture. Now I personally disagree
with that point as well, but you know, opinions are opinions. That said, I’d love to know your thoughts on “Parasite” winning and winning so much. Also, if you haven’t
watched “Parasite” yet, I highly recommend it. It’s definitely at least worth a rental. And that’s a recommendation whether you’re someone looking to
enjoy a really good movie or you’re an uninformed man-child throwing a tantrum in public about a thing that you never consumed and nevertheless you proceeded forward because it maybe felt like a good chance to swing at woke culture and uh, you ended up being kinda the
biggest snowflake of all. At the very least, if
you watched the thing that you were commenting on beforehand, you could strengthen your argument. Or at the very least, it might seem like a
well-informed opinion, rather than you just
had your feelings hurt. But yeah, moving on. And then, let’s talk about two bits of quickie entertainment news. First, just a week after the Super Bowl, the XFL premiered over the weekend. And if you’re someone
that cares about football, I’d recommend, at the
very least, a peek at it. Reportedly, the pulled decent TV numbers. Also, if you’re watching don’t expect, you know, this isn’t the NFL. You’re not getting S-tier talent yet. But there have been very
interesting tweaks to the game that you have seen otherwise on the NFL. One, they changed how kick-offs
work in a way that should limit the number of
touchbacks and injuries. Two, after a team scores a touchdown, instead of just kicking an extra point or having to figure out if you wanna go for a
two-point conversion, teams can try to convert from the two, the five,
or the 10-yard-line for one, two, or three points. Also things like in overtime, both teams get to try to score five times from the five-yard-line. I think of it kind of
like a penalty shoot-out. People that were mic’d up,
the sideline commentary, the interviews, it was interesting. Obviously, it’s just the first weekend. The number of teams,
everything’s really limited. Yeah, something interesting to see if it rises, it actually becomes a thing, or if it’s gonna crash and fail. Then, in other entertainment news, we saw an update to the
seemingly more likely situation that we’re gonna see Antonio
Brown and Logan Paul fight. A sentence that two years ago,
would have sounded insane, but here we are, 2020, welcome. And as far as the update, we
saw Logan Paul over the weekend drop a diss track on Antonio
Brown and it has been met with seemingly overwhelming support. In less than 24 hours, it
got over 3 million views. And this whole thing so far
seems like a MasterClass on Logan Paul’s part. He’s really been able
to take this situation from over the past year,
where he was kind of seen by many as the bad guy in
the KSI vs. Logan Paul fight, to now, by finding someone who
has truly been villainized, except by the most hardest of
hardcore Antonio Brown fans, and turn himself into the potential hero of this narrative that he is crafting. Just from the PR and marketing standpoint, he’s done an amazing job. To the point, like I said last time, I’ll hate myself a little bit for it, but I would 100% pay for this fight. But yeah, for now we’ll
have to wait and see if the contracts get signed and if so or if not, what
this circus turns into. But from that, I wanna share
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is it wasn’t the Oscar’s but I did love Adam Sander’s acceptance speech at the Spirit Awards for Best Male Lead. If you’re even remotely a Sandler fan, I recommend you check it out. Then, Corridor Crew gave us “VFX Artists React to Avengers
Endgame Bad & Great CGI,” then we had “Parasite”‘s
Park So-dam singing karaoke, The Hollywood Reporter gave
us a documentary roundtable, Bon Apetit game us Chris
making breakfast sandwiches, we had 50 people telling us
what their state is best at, and if you wanna see the full versions of everything I just shared, the secret link of the day,
really anything at all, links, as always, are in
the description down below. And then, let’s talk about
this really interesting story that involves a debate around
fake news, free speech, what is and is not doctored video. And at the center of this, you have Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump,
Facebook, and Twitter. Right, so last week, when we talked about the State of the Union, we mentioned the now viral clip of Pelosi
ripping up Trump’s speech. This, once the speech
was over, but it provoked massive responses from both sides. We saw a number of Democrats
applauding the move, while Republicans condemned
it, calling it disrespectful, with the White House Twitter
account basically framing this as her being disrespectful to
the guests invited by Trump. What happened from there is
actually part of the reason that we’re talking about this today. Because last Thursday, we saw
President Trump post a video on both his Facebook and Twitter accounts. And essentially what the video does is it shows one of the people that Donald Trump was
highlighting or honoring, immediately followed with a clip of Nancy Pelosi ripping up the speech, then another of Trump’s
guests is highlighted, and then another clip of Nancy
Pelosi ripping the speech, all with the caption, “Powerful American Stories “Ripped to Shreds by Nancy Pelosi.” Right, and so in response to
this, we saw a lot of Democrats saying that this video is
misleading, that is doctored, calling for it to be taken down. This, because they said taking that moment at the end of Donald Trump’s speech, and then splicing that
footage multiple times directly after someone was being honored misrepresents what actually happened. But on the other side of that argument, you had people defending the video, saying that what was showcased may not have happened as it was depicted, but was representative of what she did by ripping up the speech at the end. Now among those defending this, you had people like Chief
Executive of PEN America. They’re a free speech advocacy group that hit on a lot of main responses we saw to this video from
conservatives, tweeting, “Demanding take down of this
Pelosi video would open door to ban a great deal of parody
from Facebook, Twitter, etc. Viewers can tell she didn’t rip up speech multiple times in exact same way. Harsh, nasty, underhanded, yes. But parody often is.” We also saw Benny Johnson, the Chief Creative Officer
of Turning Point, USA, the conservative non-profit
that originally made the video, defending it on Twitter, saying, “Here is how we made it: “We took real lines “from the President’s
State of the Union speech “and then used a real footage “of Speaker Pelosi
tearing up Trump’s speech “as a transition for each clip. “That’s it. “Real events that really
happened, in a timeline.” We also saw this kind of
unusual public interaction with Pelosi’s Deputy Chief
of Staff, Drew Hammill, and a Facebook spokesperson,
with Hammill tweeting, “The latest fake video of Speaker Pelosi “is deliberately designed to mislead “and lie to the American people, “and every day that these
platforms refuse to take it down “is another reminder
that they care more about “their shareholders’ interests
than the public’s interests.” We then saw Facebook spokesman Andy Stone responding to that tweet, “Sorry, are you suggesting “the President didn’t make those remarks “and the Speaker didn’t rip the speech?” To which Hammill responded, “What planet are you living on? “This is deceptively altered. “Take it down.” But, given that spokesperson’s response, it also might not come
as a surprise to you that both Facebook and Twitter refused to take the video down, with that same spokesman telling
reporters over the weekend that the video did not violate Facebook’s new policy from January on manipulated media and deep fakes, and specifically pointing
towards a part of the policy that says Facebook will
remove that kind of content if “it has been edited or synthesized, “beyond adjustments
for clarity or quality, “in ways that aren’t
apparent to an average person “and would likely mislead
someone into thinking “that a subject of the video said words “that they did not actually say.” Now Twitter, for their part, basically said they
weren’t removing the video on a technicality, with their spokesperson telling reporters that Twitter’s new policies against synthetic and manipulated media that they announced last week will not go into effect until March 5, and that Twitter will not retroactively review Trump’s tweets or others that shared the video. So essentially, everything before then would be grandfathered in. Although, notably, it does
look like Twitter’s new policy will go further than Facebook’s. Their policy outlines
that it will consider removing or labeling posts, including “whether the content has
been substantially edited “in a manner that fundamentally alters “its composition, sequence,
timing or framing,” which is significant
because it seems much closer to the criteria of this Pelosi video. But even with all that said, right, let’s say Twitter’s
policy was in place now, it would be interesting to see what would happen to this video and honestly, as far as my opinion, having watched through the video, I do agree that it should not be removed. At max, what I would say is
that it should be labeled. For me, that feels like the most possible and safest middle ground here, but I also say that understanding that I’m talking about
this situation in a bubble, not considering the other
videos and other stories and just massive disinformation campaigns that we see on Twitter and Facebook. But with that said, of course I pass the question off to you: What are your thoughts regarding this? And then, let’s talk about
what’s happening in El Salvador. So yesterday, the country’s
president, Nayib Bukele, went into the country’s
legislative assembly to fight for his proposed plan to increase funding for the military. And while doing this, he was accompanied by a large group of armed military members
and police officers, per his own order. Reports say that Bukele called
a special session to do this and that few legislators
actually came to it, but also adding that he
actually sat in the chair assigned to the legislative
assembly’s president to put pressure on lawmakers
to approve his plan. And the plan in question is called The Territorial Control Plan, which is a multi-phase effort to reduce crime in the country, and the part that he’s
pushing for right now is to get a $109 million
loan for military equipment, specifically including uniforms, vehicles, and video surveillance technology. Also of note here, in
case you didn’t know, El Salvador actually has one of the highest crime
rates in the world, but it’s also on the decline, and Bukele actually ran for president on a platform of fighting crime,
specifically gang violence, and for context here, the country has a population of a little over 6.3 million and according to an AP report, violence was at its worst in 2015 with over 17 killings a day. But, they have since gone down. In 2018, there were around
nine killings every day. Also since Bukele took office in June, that number’s been cut in half It’s down to 4.4. And here, the president
and his supporters say that the decline is a direct
result of their efforts to combat crime and gang violence. This including heavy police
presence in public spaces, increased arrests of alleged gang members, and exerting more force on prisons, with Bukele arguing that this
loan for military equipment will further help his plans. And in addition to
calling on military forces to support him with their presence in the legislative assembly, he also urged other supporters
to turn out as well. And it seems they did,
with the BBC estimating that around 50,000 pro-government
demonstrators came out. And according to Reuters, while leaving the building, Bukele essentially gave legislators one week to approve the loan, saying to his supporters, “If those shameless people don’t approve “the plan of territorial control, “we’ll summon you here again next Sunday.” However, his act of coming into the legislative
assembly with military forces was met with a lot of criticism. You had opposition leaders calling this an unprecedented act of intimidation. You had the United Nations High Commissioner for
Human Rights calling for “dialog and full respect
for democratic institutions “to guarantee the rule of law, “including the independence “of the branches of public power.” Amnesty International
also released a statement condemning Bukele, saying, “The ostentatious police
and military deployment “in the Legislative Assembly reminds us “of the darkest times
in El Salvador’s history “and raises international alarm “over the future of human
rights in the country. “The government and the
Legislative Assembly “must ensure that their
decisions are taken “in accordance with national
and international standards, “without compromising the institutions “that should protect the human rights “of all people without distinction. “The Salvadoran people do not deserve “to relive years of
tragedy and state abuses.” Now as of recording this video, the legislative assembly
is supposed to meet today, but reports say that they do want more information on the
loan before they approve it. With this, they also accuse Bukele of acting like a dictator
trying to force his agenda. And my reaction to this story is yeah, I think it would pretty
much impossible to argue this is anything but
an act of intimidation. You have heavily armed soldiers and police going into Parliament, surrounding the room. That sure sounds like
an authoritarian move or at least move that
gets ya closer to one. But yeah, ultimately, that’s where we are. We’re gonna have to wait
to see what happens, and of course I’d love to
know your thoughts on this, especially if you’re from or you have family in that area. And that is where I’m
going to end today’s show. Thanks for watching, liking, subscribing. Also, if you’re not 100% filled in, you want more to watch, you can catch up on my latest podcast or maybe you just missed the last Philip DeFranco Show, you wanna catch up up, you can click or tap right there to watch either of those right now. But with that said, of course, as always, my name’s Philip DeFranco, you’ve just been filled in, I love yo’ faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow. – I hope you like the video. Subscribe if you like it.

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