how we doing awfully and welcome to Russell heritage golf the theme this week on the channel has been very much about the hips and today's video is exactly the same what you're trying to do or all the amateur golfers are trying to do is that you're trying to become more consistent and the way that you going to be more consistent is basically a good telltale sign is how good your impact position looks and the biggest problem with amateur golfers is that you often look too much this way right you're too square on with your body in terms of the hit which means that you're going to have to hit it more with your hands and arms and the problem with this is one well you can't compress the golf ball strike the golf ball as well as you would like to but also you can't continue the club to keep swinging through on planes so you don't really have the ball flight under control either this week I've kind of talked about some very simple exercises that I'd suggest you do at home and yesterday's video I talked about this kind of feel versus real now I've got a great drill ok the drill is pretty simple now it's something you'd have seen before but maybe you have associated it more towards chipping than anything else you get a stick right a cane and alignment rod and basically you place it so at least say feet two feet worth of length is sticking at the end once you have take hold of it the idea is as I'm sure you've already gathered is that you should be able to hit the golf ball without the stick hitting you in the ribcage but also what we're trying to do today is I want you to kind of be able to get to post impact and even the through swing where the cane doesn't hit you in the ribcage and the only way that you're going to be able to do this is if you trigger the correct sort of rotation or if you rotate as optimally as you can you see you could probably get yourself into an impact position where the two don't collide so you can see the way I've got my hands forward but what's going to happen eventually is because I've kind of moved too much laterally is that there's nothing I can do to stop the stick hitting me in the ribcage so the only way that you can get away from this is by keeping the pelvis downward facing get the feeling that the hips due to the rotation they will feel like they're moving away from the target and they'll almost feel like they're going more to the right for a right-handed golfer and then if you can hold on to this release right and you know you're still rotating the club it's just that you won't be kind of flipping and roll excessively right but if the feeling will be that you're introducing very much a drive hold and then the idea is that you should be able to execute a golf swing without the cane hitting you in the ribcage now realistically you'd have to do this short swings and probably practice swings to get going but I think the reason why this drill is brilliant is because the complication in golf is whether you know if you're doing something right or wrong so for example when we learn things like or when people learn things like an instrument you know whether it's right or wrong because of the sound of it the problem in golf is that sometimes you can hit the ball straight with poor technique so therefore you can associate you're doing positive things this drill is basically simple because you know if you're doing it right or wrong because one obviously you'll be able to hit the ball and relatively straight and two well basically you should be able to complete the golf swing without the cane catching you in the ribcage at all so you do it short and slow to start off with right so you can see the way that my pelvis is moved this way that's nowhere near hitting my ribcage then you can start to progress it up a little bit right so then you start to increase a little bit more length a little bit more rotation and then again exactly the same sort of process you're basically trying to make sure that it doesn't hit you and I did five a video on 5 epic golf swings earlier in the week and one of the ones that I was looking at with those five golf swings is how well they rotated and if you went back to that video and you looked at Arnold Palmer post the impact he's back here and you know Trevino very much the same they're not kind of up this way and then flipping and roll in it they're really rotating the hips and drive holding it and that's the feeling that you want to be trying to get if you're trying to get the golf ball under control as time goes on with this drill then eventually and I mean as time goes on then you should be able to execute a full swing with this exercise and you know that if you're able to do that then you're doing it very very well it's a great drill I would strongly suggest that you persevere with this even if it's you know first you struggle with it because like I said your brain will eventually figure out a way to be able to do this correctly and it is pretty much a fantastic exercise that every golfer could do so hopefully enjoyed the video and you understand what I'm asking you to do always appreciate a thumbs up and a like and remember it's free to press that subscribe button also remember if you're gonna press the subscribe button you might as well press the little bell icons it means you'll receive notifications every time a new video comes out which at the moment is pretty much on a daily basis go and welcome the cane drill you can make sure that that isn't hitting you in the ribcage and then when you feel like the time is ready you can start to introduce some full swings it will feel completely different but that's exactly what you need to do to improve and to learn I'll catch up with you guys again soon

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  1. Russ.  Love this drill.  It really made a difference in my swing.  As a senior are there any other drills that will help with rotation?

  2. the chair drill and this drill are the best by miles. Don't require anything more to make major improvement

  3. Love this golf drill Russell, that lower body rotation is so key. Inspires me to make more videos like this to help golfers out. Cheers

  4. Just when I thought I could not improve more from your videos, you come up with a simple and practical drill.. worked like a charm at the range.. I'm extending my arm out mkre after impact! Something I've been struggling to do before.. Thanks and keep saving us all!

  5. I have literally been struggling all year long with my irons, watched this just now! Went out and hit some balls and ta-da!!! Just hit the subscribe button as well

  6. Russell, I have been looking for a way to get the position you show … but just trying to get there just doesn't work, you need the failed attempts to get to the desired destination. I tried this today .. using alignment rods, I tried to get to the desired location. I could not get to it but kept trying with short shots and at least 30 shanks after 40 hits. But the important thing is getting just a bit closer to the desired impact position versus my flipping. Went out and hit the most beautiful little fades with increased distance. This drill will be forever my daily move to get that shaft lean and anti-flip move. If there is improvement after 40 swings, what will continued work provide? Thank you so much!!!

  7. My coach showed me this last year and my left side ended up covered in bruises – however on reflection I never managed the change and didn't persevere like you say to find away to do this without the cane hitting my side. As someone who had early extension and fights a flip I hang back and that makes things worse my left shoulder and rib cage doesn't rotate anything like as much as yours and I don't get the arm extension post impact or the hold as you refer to it -great video and it has inspired me to try this again until I can find a way to make this work. Ps the videos on early extension were great I have been working hard on the separation drill and it has massively improved the dispersion of my shots.

  8. Oh my word, 20 hours will not be enough to fix this… almost every swing I whack myself in the ribs. Don't know how, but will try to upload video to you for your assessment. Shocked!!

  9. A swing drill with instant, credible feedback that lets you know you’re doing it right? Priceless. Thanks Russ!

  10. Russell I am trying to NOT just respond with a pure negative post as I am not a big fan of people who do this. What I will say is I didn’t observe any commentary on why you are proposing this type of swing versus the modern power swing. If we compare your proposal to swing such as Rory’s, a core component of his power comes from the use of the kinetic sequence. By him quickly turning the hips and then suddenly posting up to strong left hip, this creates an automatic snap of the hands down for a release that creates tremendous power. The hold off motion seems to be a more specialty release when trying to control ball flight. If I may have missed some detail in your explanation, apologies but otherwise I would be interested in some clarification of your proposed drill versus the modern themes or the power swing.

  11. I am a junior and I rotate farely well. This drill that I have done several times in the past makes you work hard and requires a lot of concentration and practice but definitely worth it.

  12. What a brilliant training drill just what I need to stop over rolling my wrists looking forward to the next video Russell

  13. For some people should it feel like your weight stays back on right side for the majority of downswing ?

  14. Watched this tonight before I went up for nine holes. I did the feel part in the house, then again on the first tee. It has totally changed the way I hit the ball. It feels like it shouldn’t go as far as my previous swing but it actually goes further and straighter. Thanks for the great videos. Can’t wait to practice it more. 👍🏻👍🏻

  15. Russel, thank you! This drill is really a test of your teaching and a benchmark of progress. I have been faithfully following your videos, implementing your methods and performing your drills for the last 3 months. Particularly the movement of the hips and right elbow. My ball striking has gone from random to solid and repeatable. As for your drill, 3 months ago I could not remotely have avoided the stick. Today? Full swing no problem! Thank you again.

  16. Great drill russ, now on my way to hospital with alignment rod sticking out of me rib cage, 👀

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