42 thoughts on “Yugoslav (Slovene) partisan goes to inn.

  1. SAME SHIT PAPI… hahahah… WHERE IS YOUR LOVELY YUGOSLAVIJA NOW ????/ GOod thing that hatefull dream was put to and END… CROATIA, SLOVENJA.. those were real countries, not that stupid dream of TITO of a UNITED TERROR STATE… .. THANK YOU NATO.. for taking care of this pieces of SERBS and YUGOSLAV SHITS….. dont cry for me YUGOSLAVIJA hahahah….

  2. FUCK THIS PARTISANS AND FUCK TITO. .They were coward, oportunistic… Good thing NATO, took care of what was left over of this hatefull regime in 1999… German, Spanish , ITalian soldier took pleasure in bombing Belgrade and avenging the thousands of innocent victims this bastards killed in 1945.. Thank you NATO for giving justice to so many innocent souls.

  3. 5elin, you probably don't know you were killed if you had an anti-communist thought. My mother never got sent back on train from Austria to a sure death. So go FUCK yourself.

  4. I was in my mother's town and listened to partisan atrocities, that's why the vaska strasa and domobranci started. Your zgodovina tells nothing of the partizan terror.

  5. hahha, hahaha, hahaha, v katerem špageti westernu si pa to sceno videl, obračun pri OK Turjaku ob 12h…ne me jebat. Ti si pa totalen butel. Naj te informiram, da je bilo domobranstvo ustanovljeno precej kasneje kot pa se je zgodil padec Turjaka. Razen če so imeli rdečkarji kak high tech časovni stroj… fantič pojdi raje v hram modrosti tam beri beri in se uči da boš lahko titov pionirček postal

  6. My fahter was at the sige of Turjak castle and shot everyone of those bastards who didnt want to surrender. it was a payback for Domanbranci killing Partisans. he only withdrew when he ran out of ammo from his Carcano,

  7. bull shit…650 surrendered from castle Turjak, around 600 were later butchered and buried in Jelendol & Mozelj. Commi murderes fuck off .. worst than fascists & nazis together

  8. pixlikk, domobranci skorai vsi nji so bli za "fascisti" in so bli za narod. Kaj mislic do Kommunistvo valda hoteli reči od Dombranci. Nehaj ankrat ta blaznost Prosim. Lep pozdrav.

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