S. Korea’s GDP grows 2% in 2019

growth outlook for South Korea’s economy this year is slightly better however numbers do show that the local economy did struggle a lot last year growing at the slowest pace in a decade our team Hassan reports South Korea’s economy grew by 2% in 2019 that’s on par with the bank of Korea’s forecasts made […]

Anonymous Message For Hawthorne Police

Greetings,fellow citizens of the earth We are Anonymous Recently you watched the wellknown video , involving a police officer from Hawthorne, that shot a dog dead because the dog wanted to help its owner. That is unacceptable . Police of Hawthorne you must know that you are our primary target. This matter will not remain […]

Margo Bennett – UC Police Department

– I’m Margo Bennett and I’m the Chief of Police for the University of California Police Department at Berkeley. When a survivor walks into a police department, they’ve made a pretty big decision to really talk about painful and hurtful things that have happened to them. The thing that I focus on in our department […]

Multistate Independent Expenditures

New reporting requirements apply to multistate independent expenditures made in connection with the 2020 presidential primaries. I’m Don Michael of the FEC’s Information Division and in this video, I’ll show political committees, individuals and organizations how to comply with those requirements. Under the new rules, IEs that are publicly distributed or otherwise disseminated in six […]

Welcome to the Lyda Law Firm Channel

Hi, I’m Mark Lyda of the Lyda Law Firm, I’m an attorney licensed in Colorado. We work with entrepreneurs to help them start and grow their businesses. We started this channel because we think that legal education should be accessible for small business owners. This channel is informational and educational purposes only. It’s not legal […]

Government to Business #2: What must you focus on?

Welcome to Government to Business, the go-to location for executives delivering digital services to business. And now here’s your host, Gavin Atkinson. Gavin: G’day folks and welcome to Government to Business. In this second episode I thought I’d actually address the primary issue, the first thing you should always be thinking about when it comes […]

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